Better Products = Better Health

(these Products were formally sold under the name boresha)

Boresha closed their doors in May 2016, in October of that year a new company was launched with the original Boresha products that were sold from 2009 to 2014.  The original Boresha products were: BSkinny coffee, NuvoGene Tea, and ARG Matrix.  These products are NOW available under a new label with the same effective ingredients.  You can jump right in and purchase 30 packs of your drink or sample the products first to confirm that they are the same ones that you enjoyed in the past.  Either way, you will be happy to have your favorite Boresha products back again!

Products With A Purpose

All our products are designed to improve your overall health.  Which ever product you select, you will receive high quality ingredients and amazing benefits.

SkinnyGenes Java

SkinnyGenes Java™ Thermogenic Fat-Burning Coffee combines the delicious, rich taste of Certified 100% Organic Fair Trade AA Arabica Coffee with a proprietary fat-burning blend.

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SkinnyGenex Tea

Made with Natural Flavors and our Natural Low Glycemic Sweetener, with only 15 Low Glycemic nutrient-dense calories and a special de-bloater to help get rid of extra water-weight.

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Tri-Matrix MD

The only certified low-glycemic L-Arginine backed by over 30 years of research.

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Sweet Infused Sweetener

All natural fruit based, low-glycemic, sweetener.

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